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I. About Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises (RLE SP)

II. Statement on Affiliates, Associates, Investors, and Sponsors

III. Statement on Media Etiquette

IV. Statement on Use of Intellectual Property

V. Link to Statement on Contacting RLE SP and Subsidiary Portfolios.

I. About

Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises is a private firm conceived by its Founder, Radcliffe B. Lewis, to provide an arching business platform to house entrepreneurial activities.  These activities are grouped and classified as Portfolios of the enterprise. The enterprise administers to the development of the Portfolios.  This kind of arrangement enables the maximum flexibility of the Portfolios in that interval of time between conceiving of business ideas related to each Portfolio and the fruition of that Portfolio as a viable business entity in its own right.  To maintain the flexible edge, the enterprise remains a sole proprietorship (hence the letters "SP") and is developed in accordance with the auspices of the inherent rights of man to engage commerce and trade, and protect the means by which such engagements are implemented.   The enterprise is classified as an NAICS type 551114 agency.

II. Statement on Affiliates, Associates, Investors, and Sponsors

The terms above may apply to the same individual under the same, or, different circumstances and are not implied with distinction unless there is a verified agreement to a written or implied contract otherwise with any of the Portfolios of Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP.  All are considered to be clients.  Thus there is no implied contractual agreement with us simply because we engage in general discourse related to marketing or showcasing of our products, services, abilities, or interests.  Accordingly, we hold harmless any "affiliate", "associate", "investor", and "sponsor" from any liability inured upon us against any other party as a result of any endeavor on our part, unless, likewise, a distinct collaborative contractual arrangement has been created.  Notwithstanding, all distinct collaborations will be handled in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Portfolio involved.

III. Statement on Media Etiquette

As an enterprising agency, Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP engages marketing activities that are feasible to the times.  This includes utilization of online marketing tools such as emails, newsletter, weblogs, web forums, media platforms, and internet advertising.  We are sensitive however, that sometimes, unsolicited internet communication may not be appreciated.  For this reason we may require subscription to some information that we send out.  However as we attempt to increase the size of our business and market communities, from time to time an individual may encounter such otherwise unsolicited information.  In the event you do not wish to receive information because of any unappreciated encounters, we simply request that you forward to us your reply to any such information so indicating, or in the alternative, that you enter your name in the radio box available on our "Subscribe" page at this Site, so that we may delete your contact information from our mailing lists.  We can only assure that information thereafter will no longer be sent to the specified email or contact address provided in reply or radio, until such time as we may thereafter receive communication from you via the same or other channels of communication; therefore, in the event you communicate with us in any way thereafter, you must repeat the reply or radio process for each electronic mail address or other channel of communication that you wish to delete from our mailing list. 

For the purpose of this protocol, a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), Domain Name Server (DNS) or other Internet Protocol (IP) address other than unique electronic mail (e-mail) address, are not considered "addresses" within the context of the subscribe/unsubscribe media etiquette protocol of this Firm. [Added 2009-1104-1122].

IV. Statement on Use of Intellectual Property

As both intellectual property and online content producers, Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP recognize the value of intellectual property, and the value of compensation, royalties, and attribution in regard to the creator of such Intellectual Property.  For this reason we hereby stipulate the following:

1. Restrictions - No intellectual property of Radcliffe Lewis, Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, or any of its Portfolios may be reproduced or republished without permission except in accordance with fair use.

2. Fair Use - All intellectual property produced by us require attribution rights even if utilized.

3. Attribution - Aside from as allotted under the conditions of fair use, all work used in compilation where the attribution is not affixed right beside the image or words-in-succession used, requires affirmed, documented permission (for consideration) from us.

4. Motion Picture and Compilations - Aside from as allotted under the conditions of fair use, all intellectual property to be placed in any motion picture format, including but not limited to digital, video, or film, requires affirmed, documented permission (for consideration) from us.

5. Sensitive  and Mature Images - All images produced by us that involves mature content requires affirmed, documented permission (for consideration) from us. No waiver of fair is granted.

6. De-Accessioned Material - Where a work has been declared de-accessioned, no surviving image created by us is allowed to be used, reprinted, or republished for any reason. 

7. Reciprocity - We will strive to maintain the above itemized these standards in the treatment of other people's intellectual property.

V. Regarding Statement on Contacting RLE SP and Subsidiary Portfolios.

1. Our most up to date information regarding contact information is available on the primary Website for Radcliffe Lewis Enterprises, SP.  Currently the URL of that information is at http://go_radcliffe.tripod.com/about.html, which is on this Website.

2. Further public contact information can be sought via e-mail to <A href="radcliffe_consult@outlook.com" >radcliffe_consult@outlook.com</A>.

3. Information concerning subscriptions, online postings, and publications may be directed to <A href="radcliffe_consult@outlook.com" >radcliffe_consult@outlook.com</A>, or to the email related to the Portfolio in question.

4. Information concerning products and services must be directed to the Service Provider or Portfolio related to the product of service involved.

5. Information concerning legal matters must include a Notice to <A href="radcliffe_consult@outlook.com" >radcliffe_consult@outlook.com</A>.


2009-1103-1313:  Summary - It is important to remind all service providers and consultants of the Firm, as well as all clients and associates that the Founder discourages bartering arrangements, loans for service, the use tangible items for un-enumerated cooperation or services with members of the RLE SP community in relation to the conduction of business, consultation, product development, or work process.

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